​Top 7 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass

​If you are looking for the healthy way to gain muscle mass, you probably know that it is never enough to develop and pursue a training routine that moves all your major muscle groups progressively, taking into account the muscle mass you currently have and the muscle mass you want to have – you also need the right diet that promotes muscle growth from the inside.

gain muscle mass

Training excessively, but without giving your body the resources to grow muscles, will inevitably lead to exhaustion and inefficiency, so here are some meals that you should by all means include into your diet if you want to increase your lean muscle mass without putting your health at risk.

​Lean Beef

​The best choice of red meat, packed with nutrients and delicious flavors, too. Protein is the most obvious nutrient contained in beef, but there are other, lesser-known ones that are good for you, too. Beef is very rich in antioxidants such as selenium and it also contains other minerals in high concentrations such as iron and zinc, which is one of the most efficient immune system boosters. It also contains vitamins such as B6, B12, niacin and riboflavin. Beef is also rich in creatine, being an excellent, all-natural source of the most powerful component that is frequently added to muscle gain supplements, too.

Beef also contains some saturated fats, which is why many bodybuilders decide to eliminate beef from their diets – a big mistake, because healthy fat is also necessary for packing muscles.

​Cottage Cheese

​​Whether you eat it as it is, you add it to your wraps or you put it into your salads, cottage cheese is highly beneficial for your muscle building efforts. Besides being the food with the highest content of proteins, cottage cheese is good for you because it contains only very little carbs and very few calories, but it helps your muscles recover after the workout with the help of its casein contents.


​Another healthy and nutrient-rich ingredient of the healthy muscle-building diet, tuna will give you a heavy dose of proteins, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins such as B6 and B12. If you want to make sure your diet stays low in calories, get fresh tuna and eat it grilled or buy canned tuna that comes in water, not in oil. Prepare a delicious meal with veggies or make spread and eat it with whole meal crackers – it will be not only delightful, but healthy, too.

​Other Fish

​Tuna is not the only fish variety that can boost muscle gains. Other varieties such as salmon, sole, as well as other sea food such as shrimp and crab should be part of your staple diet if you want to pack muscle. Another reason why these foods are recommended as parts of an efficient muscle building diet is that they contain fish oil rich in antioxidants, nutrients absolutely essential for the proper functioning of the body as a whole.

​Whey Protein

​Whey protein is also very important in muscle building. It is the by-product of cheese production; therefore, when it is used for diet supplementation, it offers the body all the benefits you otherwise get from dairy, but in a much more concentrated form.  It not only increases muscle mass, but it also assists weight loss, it increases endurance and boosts the immune system, being generally beneficial for the body and not only for those who want to gain muscle mass.


​Fruits also play an important role in the healthy, balanced diet necessary for packing on muscles. Berries, for example, are rich in fibers, vitamins and antioxidants, oranges are known to enhance endurance, while kiwis are rich in vitamin C and iron – combine them with your cereal or your morning yoghurt and enjoy the flavor and health they give you.


​You need vegetables to accompany your protein-rich meals, but you also need them to make your diet more varied and more beneficial for your muscle building efforts. Broccoli helps fat loss with its high fiber and low calorie content; spinach prevents muscle loss, while tomatoes are rich in antioxidants.​

​If you want to see your muscles grow at a never-seen speed, make sure you include the above foods into your diet and enjoy the wonderful flavors you can avail yourself to with these extraordinary, nutrient rich ingredients.