​What Is Prime Male?

​PrimeMale is a supplement formulated to boost the body’s natural production of testosterone without the side effects of steroids and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). 

This is a testosterone booster made from a scientific blend of 12 ingredients including nutrients formulated for increasing testosterone production in men 30 years old and above. These ingredients were chosen based on exhaustive scientific research for their synergistic effects on the body’s natural capability for testosterone production.

​How Does Prime Male Work?

​According to its manufacturer, this supplement has been scientifically formulated to resolve the three most problematic issues related to normal testosterone production in men.

​Luteinizing hormone, which has been shown to increase testosterone production, can decline with age. But with the introduction of D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC) (i.e., an amino acid) and zinc via the natural supplement, the hypothalamus releases higher luteinizing hormone and, thus, promotes higher testosterone production.

​Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which renders testosterone biologically inactive. The active ingredients that prevent SHBG’s action are nettle root, which binds to SHBG to make testosterone more biologically available; magnesium, which decreases SHBG levels in the body; and boron, which also reduces SHBG in the blood.

​Estrogen and prolactin, which are the female sex hormones also present in smaller quantities in men. When you have abnormally high levels of both hormones, your testosterone levels will decrease. The presence of boron, luteolin, and Mucuna pruriens in the dietary supplement contributes to the reduction of estrogen and prolactin in a man’s body.

​Basically, PrimeMale works in two ways – first, it stimulates the body’s natural production of testosterone and, second, it suppresses the hormones in the body that reduces testosterone production. By combining a dozen ingredients selected for their efficacy in these matters and formulated with their synergy in mind, you will enjoy several benefits. When you take the dietary supplement on a regular and proper basis, your body will absorb its nutrients and use them to boost testosterone production.

Main Benefits  

​According to its manufacturer and attested by majority of its customers, the dietary supplement provides the following benefits for men who consume it for the recommended number of months:

​1. Faster lean muscle development : Keep in mind that testosterone is crucial in the development of lean muscle mass including its increase in size, stamina and strength among men. But your dropping testosterone levels will result in less muscle gain and more fat gain so your strength training exercises will be less effective.

When you use Prime Male, you can build your muscles in a faster and easier manner than if you exercised without it. You will soon observe that your lean muscles are growing in size faster than ever before.

2. ​​Better libido: You may also have observed a noticeable drop in your libido. Your erections become less frequent, less firm, and less prolonged no matter the methods used in stimulating your penis, even when watching erotic films and engaging in prolonged foreplay. You and your partner become more frustrated with it, too.

When you take this dietary supplement, you will soon observe that your appetite for sex increases while your erections become firmer, harder and longer-lasting, almost like you’re taking a sex pill. You can become a stud, not a dud, in your bedroom!

3. ​​Faster weight loss: Your weight loss goals can also be achieved with the use of this dietary supplement. This is because testosterone is also important in the fat burning process, not to mention that muscles also burn fat faster than tissues – the more muscles you gain from using a testosterone booster, the more fat you can burn. You have a double whammy!  

When you take a testosterone booster like PrimeMale, you will observe faster weight loss. You will also love the faster fat-burning rate in your problem areas including your belly, hips and thighs. You will be able to develop more lean muscle mass and, in the process, burn more fat.

​4. Better ​Cardiovascular Health:​Testosterone has also been proven essential in regulating normal blood pressure that, in turn, is essential in the maintenance of good cardiovascular health. In several studies, the age-related decline in testosterone has been linked with ischemic heart disease and cardiac failure so you have to maintain normal testosterone levels.

Your decision to take this dietary supplement means that your body can maintain normal testosterone production. Your body and its heart will be healthier, which means you can engage in more strength and cardio exercises as well as enjoy a better quality of life.

​​5. Better insulin response: In numerous scientific studies, low testosterone levels in men have been linked with insulin resistance, also known as decreased insulin sensitivity. While the insulin response-testosterone mechanism still remains unclear, doctors have successfully improved insulin response in men through testosterone therapy.

If you’re a bodybuilder, a normal insulin response is a must for longer endurance during exercises and faster recovery after exercise. Your muscles can repair themselves faster, which means you can go back to the gym more frequently, too.

​​6. Higher ​Physical​ Energy: When you have decreased physical energy, you will have reduced time for strength training exercises and daily life activities. Your muscle muscle growth, cardiovascular health, and quality of life will be affected, too.

With your use of the product, you can regain the vitality that you once enjoyed in your youth. You will feel more energized to perform your exercises, satisfy your partner in and out of bed, and enjoy your daily life activities. Your higher physical energy will make your life better.

​​7. Better mental and emotional health: If you have been experiencing increased levels of irritability, anxiety and mood swings, even the tell-tale signs of depression, then you may have low testosterone levels. You must take action as soon as possible since these will adversely affect your personal and professional life.

The safe and effective ingredients in PrimeMale will help in stopping these signs. You will observe that as your testosterone level increases naturally, your mental and emotional health also improves. You can be less irritable and more amicable, less anxious and more peaceful, and less absentminded and more focused.  

The bottom line: When your testosterone levels increase, your physical and mental health will also improve. You can gain muscle and lose fat faster, enjoy better concentration and cognitive function, and enjoy a more explosive sex life!

​Active Ingredients

​These are the six most notable (i.e. active ingredients) in the testosterone booster although emphasis must be made that even the minor ingredients have their roles to play.

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC): A neurotransmitter and amino acid, has a double effect on testosterone production. First, it triggers the fast release of luteinizing hormone and, second, stimulates the increased production of testosterone in the testes. The D-AA form used here is calcium chelate, which has 75 times higher solubility than its conventional counterpart; the higher the solubility, the better the absorption and bioavailability of the D-AA.  

​BioPerine: A bioavailability enhancer, proven to increase the rates of absorption and bioavailability of the nutrients in PrimeMale by as much as 20 times! This means that your body will be able to use these nutrients in a more effective and efficient level (i.e., less waste).

Boron: It comes in the form of boron amino acid chelate, and it also increases the rate of bioavailability of the nutrients and, hence, contributes to a better testosterone boost. Emphasis must also be made that boron also affects hormone production, recovery from inflammation, and bone maintenance as well as cognitive function. Boron is also important in decreasing the adverse effects of sex hormone binding globulin, such as in increasing free testosterone levels and decreasing estrogen levels.

Korean red ginseng: A root extract that has been used as part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It has been used to strengthen the immune system, increase life longevity, and boost physical energy and mental concentration, as well as in the treatment of male sexual issues including impotence.  

Luteolin: A potent aromatase inhibitor, decreases estrogen production and stimulates the androgens in producing more testosterone. Think of it as the ingredient that decreases the presence of female hormones in the male body without the side effects.

Mucuna Pruriens: Specifically its seed extract has multiple benefits including the reduction of prolactin levels, the prevention of free testosterone depletion, and the addition to the body’s stores of amino acid levodopa (L-Dopa), among others. L-Dopa, by the way, has been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels and improve human growth hormone production, a double whammy of benefits, if you will.

PrimeMale also contains other equally important ingredients that work in synergy with the abovementioned active ingredients. These include magnesium that lowers SHBG count; nettle root extract that elevates testosterone levels and prevents the action of SHBG; Vitamin B6 that serves as the testosterone molecules’ building blocks; Vitamin D that regulates testosterone and estrogen levels; Vitamin K2 as Menaquinone-7 that works in synergy with Vitamin D; and zinc, a mineral with a proven close link to normal testosterone production.

​How to Use This Supplement

​For best results, take one capsule four times a day, preferably with your meals (i.e., breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and snack. You should ideally drink it with plain water although you may also drink it with your protein shakes, fruit juices, or caffeinated drinks.

Each capsule contains 750 milligrams of the abovementioned ingredients. Since each bottle of PrimeMale contains 120 capsules, you can finish it in a month.

​Any Safety Precaution Needed to Follow?

​As with all dietary supplements including testosterone boosters, you have to consult with your doctor about its use especially when you have concerns about an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, among others. Otherwise, if you’re a healthy adult male with concerns about your decreasing testosterone levels, you can immediately take the dietary supplement even without medical supervision.

​Any Side Effects?​

​No, there are no reported side effects since the product is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and contains natural ingredients (i.e., no harmful synthetic substances). But if you have a known allergy to one of its ingredients, you may want to consult with your doctor first for safety’s sake.

​How Fast Can One See Results?

​With regular and proper use, you should be able to see the results specifically a few or all of the abovementioned seven benefits within two months. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that the results will vary from one individual to the next because of differences in their age, physical condition, and lifestyle habits (i.e. diet, exercise, and sleep), among other factors. You have to set realistic expectations especially when your unhealthy lifestyle habits have yet to be replaced by healthier ones. You must also follow the recommended dosage for best results – taking more than or less than four capsule a day will not be as effective.

​Product Price

  • ​3-month supply at $207 with 3 boxes of the product (free worldwide shipping)
  • ​2-month supply at $138 with 2 boxes of the product (free shipping in the US and UK)
  • ​1-month supply at $69

​You can buy a 1-month supply for your first order since you can judge the results within the 4-week period. Your next purchase will likely be the 3-month supply because you have determined by now that the dietary supplement is an effective testosterone booster.

​Where to Buy Prime Male

​Be sure to buy only from the official website. You will also be able to browse the website for more information about the product. Buy buying directly from the manufacturer, you get the assurance that what you’re buying is genuine instead of a fake dietary supplement with possibly harmful ingredients.


​Prime Male is a safe and effective testosterone booster that every man 30 years old and above can benefit from. This is true whether your body still produces sufficient testosterone or not since the maintenance of normal levels of the male sex hormone can only mean good things! We highly recommend this product. Use it properly and regularly so you can enjoy its multiple benefits.

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