​What Is Testogen?


​​TestoGen is a dietary supplement specifically formulated for adult males who want to boost their body’s natural testosterone production. Lest you think that it contains

synthetic testosterone and steroids,among other potentially harmful substances, think again because it only contains natural ingredients. When taken in a regular and proper way, as well as in combination with healthy lifestyle habits, it has been proven safe and effective in boosting testosterone levels.

​How Does Testogen Work?

​As a testosterone booster, the dietary supplement works as expected because of the effective and efficient synergy of its ingredients. Keep in mind that since there are no synthetic testosterone in each capsule, your body only gets natural ingredients many of which can also be found in food like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, and fish albeit in more concentrated forms. Each ingredient has been chosen for their specific effects on testosterone production as well as for their synergy with the rest of the ingredients, thus, resulting in a more effective and efficient impact on reproductive health, physical development, and emotional balance, among other benefits.

When the ingredients have done their work on the testes’ production of testosterone, you will observe the effects within 2-3 months of regular, proper and continuous intake. Your body will acquire more lean muscle, burn more fat, and gain more muscle definition while your mind will be clearer and sharper. You must combine the use of Testogen with a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, among others; a personalized strength, cardio, conditioning, and flexibility training program; and sensible lifestyle habits to gain the most from the dietary supplement.

​Main Benefits Of TestoGen

​According to its manufacturer, TestoGen provides the following benefits with regular and proper use:

​Faster​ Lean ​Muscle ​Mass ​Growth

​Testosterone is considered the male sex hormone because an upsurge in its production, particularly in puberty, results in the appearance of bigger muscles with more definition on the chest, arms and legs. But as you get older, your body’s natural testosterone production slows down resulting in slower metabolism, fat burning, and muscle gaining. Everything just seems to slow down so much so that you will become frustrated about your slow progress in your strength training program.  

This disappointing turn of events can be turned around with regular and proper intake of a safe and effective natural testosterone booster. Your body will not be exposed to synthetic testosterone, if that’s your concern, since Testogen only contains natural ingredients chosen for their efficacy in boosting testosterone production.

Your body will show signs of a faster metabolism including faster fat loss and muscle gain. Your chest, shoulders and arms as well as your abdomen will have more muscle definition, stamina, and strength, thanks to the combination of the testosterone booster and weight training exercises.

​Increased body fat burning

​Even when you engage in cardio and strength training exercises targeting your fatty areas, such as your love handles and pot belly, you will likely be frustrated about your slow progress. This is partly because your testosterone levels are dropping, which means that your body burns fat slower.

When you take testosterone boosters, your body starts to produce more testosterone, which is essential in speeding up the fat burning process. You will soon see that your flabby and fatty areas are becoming less of a problem and more of an asset, especially when you can see greater muscle definition. You will also love the faster weight loss progress.

​Boost in physical energy

​But what’s the use of faster fat burning and muscle gain when your body refuses to cooperate in the physical energy department? TestoGen contains several ingredients that work well together in increasing your level of physical energy. Your quality of life will be better for it, too, since your daily life activities can be performed in a faster and easier manner, thanks to your sustained physical and mental energy.

And let’s face it – when you’re taking this dietary supplement, you’re likely engaged on a strength training program requiring plenty of hours spent in the gym. Your increased physical energy will contribute to your motivation to perform one more set and one more exercise, perhaps even spend one more hour exercising.

​Better​ Sex ​Drive

​A drop in testosterone production will eventually manifest as a drop in libido (i.e., appetite for sex), as well as in erection-related issues. You may complain of your difficulty in achieving and sustaining your erections (i.e., erectile dysfunction) and in ejaculating too soon after penetration (i.e., premature ejaculation).

Your sexual health including your perception of your sexual performance suffers in the process – and we know its impact on your romantic relationship as sex is an integral part of it.  

With a testosterone booster, you will find that your sex drive is slowly yet surely returning until you have attained near-full health. You and your partner will love your better erection quality resulting in better sexual pleasure.  

You have to remember, nonetheless, that Testo​gen isn’t Viagra, which means that you can take it just before sex for its effect to be experienced. Instead, you have to use the product on a daily basis so as to enjoy its libido-enhancing benefits in terms of harder, firmer, and longer-lasting erections, perhaps with more ejaculate.

​Improved mental focus and cognitive function

​If you have been experiencing significant loss in concentration and cognitive function, you may blame your declining testosterone levels. Studies have linked testosterone with both of these aspects of brain function and, hence, decline in the production of the male sex hormone will have negative effects on the latter.  

Your decision to take the dietary supplement may not make you smarter and sharper along the lines of geniuses but you will definitely appreciate the improvements. You are better able to concentrate on your tasks, even understand them better, which will increase your appreciation of life.  Your improved mood and cognitive function will be observable along with your physical improvements, too.

​Better mood

​If you think that only women have hormone-fuelled mood swings, you have another think coming. Men can also experience increased level and frequency of irritability and anxiety, even mild depression, due to falling testosterone production. You may even have attributed them to stressful days at work or to personal relationship issues but one of the main causes may well be your hormones are acting, up so to speak.

The increase in testosterone in your body can be linked to your better mood since the male sex hormone is crucial in the production of cortisol and serotonin, which are partly responsible for maintaining a stable state of mind.  Serotonin, by the way, is the so-called happy hormone. You will likely feel more motivated in your workouts, more content in your daily life, and happier overall because of your bodybuilding progress, too.

​Safe yet effective ingredients

​You don’t have to worry about the safety of the ingredients in Testogen since these are also proven safe, effective and suitable for consumption. You can take it along with other dietary supplements, protein shakes, and even other testosterone boosters without suffering from side effects.  

With these benefits, it isn’t surprising that Testogen is among the more popular of its kind in the market today.

Active Ingredients Of Testogen

​D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)It boosts the production of hormone including testosterone that, in turn, kicks your body’s metabolism and muscle-building processes into high gear.

This is a popular ingredient in testosterone boosters because of its beneficial effect in reducing the effect of the luteinizing hormone in relation to the male sex hormone. Basically, the less luteinizing hormone, the more testosterone, and the manlier you can be.

testogen ingredients

​Fenugreek – Fenugreek, especially its seeds has been used for centuries as a safe method of improving insulin response. Emphasis must be made that an optimum insulin response is critical in building larger lean muscle mass, in burning body fat, and in losing excess weight. The result: You will observe a significant increase in your levels of stamina, strength and endurance, which are also essential in the performance of exercise and daily life activities.

This is also known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Your body is always subjected to the effects of free radicals, which speed up the aging process, but their effects can be delayed by antioxidants. You will reap the benefits of antioxidants via a healthier body with more energy and less lethargy, even healthier skin.

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​Ginseng extract – This extract is also a centuries-old remedy for sexual dysfunction in men – its alternative name is actually man root because it resembles a man when

dug out of the ground. This has been used for centuries to boost a man’s flagging sex drive as well as to sharpen his cognitive function.  When used together with other testosterone-boosting ingredients, ginseng’s effect on the libido increases, too.

​Selenium – This is a trace mineral included in TestoGen as sodium selenite. It’s an important nutrient in enhancing the beneficial effects of antioxidants particularly in eliminating toxins, pollutants and contaminants from your body. It can also contribute to better management of hypertension.

​Tribulus terrestris (i.e., devil’s claw) – This is an herb known for its testosterone-boosting capacity, thanks to its steroidal saponin content. This is also a common ingredient in dietary supplement for men for this reason – testosterone, after all, helps in building muscles and maintaining sexual health.

​Vitamins - Other ingredients found in this supplement include Vitamin B, a complex of vitamins known to support energy production and amino acid metabolism as well as in the production of cortisol and serotonin (i.e., hormones essential in physical energy and mental health); Vitamin D, a group of vitamins including chloecalciferol that slows down the testosterone to estrogen conversion rate while increasing free testosterone levels in your bloodstream; and zinc gluconate, a mineral crucial in healthy sperm production, among other processes.

​All of these ingredients have been proven in their efficacy through numerous scientific studies. You just have to browse authority sites online to find these scientific studies, not to mention that you may already have experienced their benefits first-hand via your previous intake of dietary supplements.

​How to Use Testogen Supplement

​TestoGen should be taken four times a day – one capsule with your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner – for best results. You may also take it without a food accompaniment although you will require a small amount of water. You can drink a protein shake, or a fruit juice, or even tea with it although water will do just fine.

​Any Safety Precaution Needed to Follow?

​Yes, you have to consult with your doctor if you have concerns about an underlying medical condition that can be worsened by increased testosterone levels, among others. If you’re a relatively adult male, then there’s no need. You may also want to take a 2-week break from its intake after a few months of continuous use.

Any ​Side Effects of Using Testogen​?

​No, there are no reported side effects because Testogen is made from safe and natural ingredients.  You may, nonetheless, check with your doctor in case you have allergies to its ingredients.

​How Fast Can One See Results?

​You should see a positive difference within a week or two of regular and proper intake of the dietary supplement. In 4 to 6 weeks, your body will be healthier, as evidenced by your increase in muscle mass, physical energy, and mental focus, among other benefits.

​Where to Buy TestoGen

​​Buy Testogen only from it's official website so that you have the assurance that you are buying a genuine product – other websites can sell knockoffs, which can contain harmful ingredients. You will also appreciate the online safety, money back guarantee, and FAQs on the official website.

​Conclusion​ & Recommendation

​Testogen is the best testosterone booster in the market today for good reasons – it actually works! You have to try it for a month, determine its efficacy in your case and buy your ultimate supply within a month so you can experience its full benefits.

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