​How Women Can Benefit from Weight Training

​Weight training is not the type of exercise any woman would choose – unless she aims to take part in bodybuilding competitions. However, just like with every aspect of your life, how much and for how long you do a certain activity can have a positive or a negative impact on your physical aspect and overall health.

women weight training

When you choose the adequate type of exercises and the right duration, weight training can be very beneficial for your health, your self-perception and your looks. It will enhance your physical strength, resistance to effort and self-confidence, and help you prevent certain degenerative diseases associated with age.

​You still have doubts? Before you dismiss weight training as something you do not want to try, take a look at the benefits that any woman enjoy with it:

​A. Lose Weight and Build Muscle

​Thin as a wraith is not healthy and appealing. No matter what runway models try to impose as beauty, a sculpted, toned body is the ideal you should reach for. Whether you try to lose some body fat or define your glutei and thighs, weight training can help you achieve that ideal, athletic look that you are aiming for.

If you are worried you may overdo it and end up with bulky muscles, you should know that a lot of scientific studies have shown that women’s bodies respond to weight training differently than men’s, and do not gain muscle mass. This is due to the fact that women's bodies produce 30% less hormones causing muscle bulking than men's do.

​B. Boost Your Mood and Your Self-Esteem

​As you shed body fat, revealing a beautifully toned body, you will start feeling better about yourself. You will also notice an increased resistance to any sort of physical exercise and more energy throughout the day. You will be able to take up hobbies such as dancing or hiking and not feel tired or unable to fall back to your daily routine after performing them.

When you look better and feel healthier and more energetic, your self-esteem gets a major boost. You will be more confident about yourself, more assertive, and you will be more prepared to face the challenges of life.

​C. Increase Bone Density and Prevent Osteoporosis

​Weight training is proven to help increase your bone marrow mineral density with 13% in half a year. Higher bone density means a lower risk of suffering from osteoporosis later in your life – one of the most distressing conditions of middle to old age. This is very important, especially since osteoporosis can only be treated, not cured, and can become a serious obstacle to one's freedom of movement. Weight training is an investment into a healthy, easier life, so one worth making.

A healthy life means an active life, being able to enjoy sports, hobbies, and having an overall sense of well being. Weight training is a great way to achieve all these, boost your confidence and keep your body in the best of shapes, so go for it.