​Drink Water to Lose Weight: A Myth?

​Drinking water is something most people don't really think of associating with losing weight. After all, excess water stored in the body often contributes to adding to your weight under most circumstances, and can make it more difficult to exercise.

drink wter to lose weight

Knowing how to use water to lose weight, however, is almost like an art, and many have managed to actually decrease their calorie intake, and increase their body's fat burning capabilities just by adding more water to their daily diet.

​Quenching Appetite with Water

​If you drink a lot of water, you probably know already that it can reduce your appetite. Drinking water after a meal will usually help you cut down on dessert and other snacks that would otherwise add to your daily calorie intake and potentially end up increasing the amount of fat on your belly, or just prevent you from taking it down.

Water can also help bring a lot of great health benefits if drank before a meal. Aside from easing digestion and preventing hypotension, it was discovered that it can, in fact help you reduce your body fat by reducing your body's calorie intake. A study has actually been performed, showing that just a glass of water drank before each meal can lead to almost 30,000 calories less per year. That's a total of about 8 pounds less just by drinking water!

​Ice Cold

​Although this isn't necessarily something you should do under all conditions – especially if you have a cold or sore throat – drinking cold water has been shown to help your body improve its fat burning process. Yes, that's right, by simply reducing the temperature of the water you drink, you can influence your body to start working more efficiently and shedding that unwanted fat more efficiently.

The logic is that cold water will help your body burn more fat due to the fact that it makes the body work harder to warm up the water and maintain its overall temperature at an adequate level. Cold ice water is also much more refreshing, and can help you improve your results at the gym, while also assisting you to recover faster, especially during hot summer days.

​Replace Soda with Water

​If you're used to drinking a lot of soda or juice, the calories you get from those drinks might make it harder for your body to begin the catabolic processes required for properly burning fat.

Replacing soda with water will help you stay refreshed, get rid of that appetite that constantly makes you overeat, and prevent you from ingesting additional calories. Even if you're not much of a fan of the taste of water, there are ways to avoid the harmful effects of calories and chemicals your body has to deal with after drinking soda. Flavored water is available, for example, that allows you to enjoy the tastiest drink without the added drawbacks.

​Match Alcohol Consumption

​Another good way to lose weight with water is by matching the consumption of any type of alcohol with equal amounts of water. This will help you reduce the effect of alcohol on your body, while also keeping you hydrated.

This method will work best when the amount of water you use for the purpose of matching the alcohol you drink is drank in addition to your daily goal for ingesting a specific amount of water per day.

​An Improved Gym Experience

​One important benefit of drinking more water that gym-goers likely know a lot about is the ability water has in preventing muscle cramps and improving the performance of your joints and muscles overall. This will allow you to train harder and longer, while keeping you refreshed and your body properly hydrated.

Moreover, you'll find that, over time, even a more limited amount water will help you get the same effects during your workouts, as you gradually become more fit, and your body's ability to perform physical exercise increases over time.

As you can see, you can use water in an easy manner to lose weight faster and increase your ability to fight against increased appetite. According to many experts expressing their opinions these days, when used together with other diets and weight loss methods, water can be one of the most powerful fat burning tools you can use.